BetterLeasing provides a streamlined process that allows applicants to quickly complete move-in requirements after determining that they are credit-qualified for the community.

Online Application

BetterLeasing begins with a stream-lined rental application focused on a single objective, determining whether applicants are credit qualified.

Standard Application
BetterLeasing Application

Traditional rental applications gather detailed information about applicants before determining whether applicants meet the credit standards for the community. Initially, the BetterLeasing application collects only the information required to process applicants' credit screening.


Background Screening
Provided by Screening Reports, Inc.

Screening Reports, Inc. understands the need for timely results, professionalism and discretion in providing background information about applicants to their prospective property managers. With decades of industry experience, Screening Reports provides high quality credit, criminal and rental background screening for property owners and managers, while serving the needs of applicants with courtesy and respect. Click here to learn more about Screening Reports, Inc.


Once applicants are credit qualified, additional information may be needed to verify an applicant's employment or income source. Screening Reports, Inc. provides verification services for some property managers or owners as an extension of the screening process.